How To Choose The Best Acne Treatment For Teens

how to choose the best acne treatment for teens

Choosing the best acne treatment for teens can be a difficult thing to do since everyone have their own methods of curing those pesky little bumps on the skin. Some people will just tell you to get some Clearasil while others will tell you to change up your diet, some will even tell you to just wash your face more. Surprisingly, none of the people saying that to you or any teen out there are wrong. There are plenty of over the counter products that can help you with acne problems, but it really just depends on which fits your budget and personal preferences. Now, these acne treatments aren’t very expensive, but some will cost a little money if you want to try them out. Think of Clearasil, you will have to purchase this from a store and depending on the size of the product you’re purchasing, it could cost $25 or more.

Usually the price of over the counter types of acne treatments aren’t a big deal, but if you want to start attacking the problem by changing up your diet, that’s probably the easiest route to take. You’ll simply need to avoid eating greasier foods like pizza and burgers while supplementing your diet with more fruits and vegetables. Think about it, the food you put in your body is what fuels it, and it actually becomes part of your body in the process. If you’re only eating greasy foods every day, you’ll likely have worse acne as a teenager than you would if you were a vegetarian. Now, this isn’t a definite way to help you with acne because some people just naturally have more oil within their skin than others. Changing up your diet can only do so much, so if you don’t see a definite improvement in your complexion, maybe you should move on to the next best acne treatment for teens.


Washing your face, or even showering more often, is a great way to help fight the acne battle. This helps out your skin tremendously because you’re cleaning your face, which removes the oil on top of your skin and even within the pores on your face. Warm water will help open up your pores and that means the oils will be removed easier than if you were to wash your face using cold water at the sink. Clearasil works for this as well, but not many people will use it in the shower, making it a product use mainly for people who stand in front of the sink to clean their face. People who shower more often usually have better acne control because a shower tends to be much longer than just washing your face. Think about it, when you get in the shower you’ll wash your hair which will make it so shampoo runs down your face a little bit. You’re inadvertently cleaning your face when washing your hair. You will also wash your body when in the shower, prolonging your acne’s exposure to steam and hot water that will open up your pores and flush out any oil that may eventually turn into a pimple.

If none of those acne treatments works out, you can always go to a dermatologist and figure out what would be the best remedy for your case. Some teens have mild acne and can simply help their case by changing their diets and taking showers more often, while more severe cases of acne take more drastic measures in the form of perception tropicals which are similar to Clearasil, but much stronger. If you just have a few small pimples on your face, you can always go with Clearasil or shower more often and for longer periods of time to flush everything. If you have more acne than average, you can do all of the above and then go to a dermatologist to get an idea of what type of prescription you might need in order to battle the pesky little bumps.

In the end, the best acne treatment for teens can come down to your personal preference or it can actually sway your hand to the prescription from a doctor. Doing everything you can to remedy, or reduce, your acne is highly recommended prior to contacting a dermatologist, so be sure to try it all before you spend a bunch of money on prescriptions. Remember, if you’re the one suffering from acne and nothing is working, it’s not your fault and it will pass eventually. The hormones within a persons body go chaotic when someone is in puberty, so try not to worry too much since it will pass.


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