How To Choose The Best Blackhead Remover

how to choose the best blackhead remover

Millions of people every day look into the mirror and thing of the best blackhead remover to use in order to get rid of all those pesky blackheads they see on their face. The majority of blackheads, the obvious ones, will show up on a persons nose but they can also show up on ones cheeks, forehead, and pretty much anywhere else on the body. People always think that a blackhead is just something on the face, but it’s actually just a blocked pore that hasn’t been irritated yet. Zits usually start out as blackheads, and happen to get infected to a point where the skin gets irritated since the body is trying to fight it off.

By choosing the best blackhead remover for you, you will be able to get rid of all these little dirt invaders from your skin and have a much better complexion. You could do various things on your own such as purchasing masks, using tools, or applying facial scrubs to get rid of these blackheads. If none of these work, you can always work with an Esthetician and be sure everything is gone since they are skin care specialists and will be able to see everything from a top down view instead of looking in a mirror.

How to choose the best blackhead remover
Now we’ll be going over the best methods available today for you to choose from when searching for the best blackhead remover for you, and those are:

Masks to remove blackheads
Blackhead masks are getting more and more popular due to social media. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of these charcoal masks that rip out all of the blackheads from your face. I’m also sure you’ve seen that they are a bit painful when they are taken off as well. Millions of people purchase these, not because they’re a fad on social media, but because they work extremely well. After allying the paste to your face and letting it dry, you peal it off and everything comes out of your pores. It’s a little painful because each pore is being extracted, pulling out all your blackheads and potential blackheads in the process.

best blackhead remover masks

If you want to do a one time blackhead removal, you can go with the masks, but be aware that they hurt a little bit and could leave a little redness if you have a fair complexion. People love and hate these types of masks because they work extremely well but they are the most painful method to remove blackheads.

Tools to remove blackheads
One of the best blackhead removers is the handheld extractor that you can use yourself in the comfort of your own home. Estheticians use these all the time to remove blackheads from clients faces, and you can do the same if you simply purchase one or two of them. Basically, these are little tools with metal edges that are rounded in order to not hurt your skin. You place the rounded loop over the pore and apply pressure to extract the blackhead. This is similar to if you were to pinch the blackhead yourself, with your finger tips, to extract it. The different between the tool and your fingers is that the tool is designed to apply pressure in a precise area in order to push out the blackhead. When you do it with your fingers, the pressure is dispersed due to your finger tips being much larger and touching a wider section of the area where the blackhead is located.

best blackhead remover tools

These are top sellers on platforms like Amazon and it’s because they work well. You might miss some blackheads here and there, but it’s definitely a good route to go if you’re looking for the best blackhead remover to get the job done.

Facial scrubs to remove blackheads
Blackhead removal processes vary from tools to face scrubs to help remove blackheads. A lot of people love these face scrubs because they’re more of a preventative way to deal with blackheads. You could already have blackheads and these scrubs will work, but they’re not the best way to get rid of the blackhead after it’s already made it’s home. Sure, people love these blackhead removal scrubs, but it takes a while to actually get rid of the blackhead compared to using an extraction tool or a mask.

best blackhead remover scrubs

People without blackheads, who are trying to prevent them, will use these scrubs frequently to make sure the dirt doesn’t take root and cause a little blackhead to form. Most Dermatologists will recommend using these scrubs prior to using any mask or extraction tool to see if that’s all you need. Usually, if the blackheads are easily visible, you will need to do something extra to remove the blackheads, so this isn’t as much a removal system as it is a preventative sort of method to deal with blackheads.

Going to an Esthetician
A dermatologist is like a skin doctor and an Esthetician is the person who does the work on your blackheads themselves. If you’re going to an Esthetician, it’s usually because nothing has worked or you just don’t want to do the work yourself. You’ve used a mask and the blackheads are still there, the extraction tool takes too long for your to do yourself, and the scrubs aren’t doing enough in a short amount of time. Now you’re looking for the right Esthetician to do the job that nothing esle is fixing. Depending on the severity of your blackheads will determine how much it would cost to remove everything.

best blackhead remover esthetician

Trying all your options, before contacting an Esthetician, is highly recommended so you aren’t spending hundreds to remove blackheads. You can be at ease an Esthetician is the best blackhead remover since they have a hands on approach and can remove everything since they are specialists and have been doing it for a while.

In the end, you should exhaust all your options prior to contacting a dermatologist who will then send you to an Esthetician. The Esthetician will always be the best option to remove blackheads, but they are also the most expensive compared to masks, extraction tools, and facial scrubs.


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