How To Choose The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

how to choose the best breast milk storage bags

Whenever a woman gives birth, it is always recommended that she breast feed due to it transferring nutrients directly from the mother to the baby. Now, a lot of new moms just aren’t ready to nurse, and they would rather bottle feed with their own milk, which is perfectly fine since the baby is still getting the breast milk. By getting the best breast milk storage bags, you’ll be saving up breast milk for a later occasion, like if you are out in public and you don’t feel comfortable breast feeding in public. Other reasons you should think about pumping and saving the milk is because many women run into the problem of a blocked milk duct, which means you won’t be able to feed your child when they are hungry since nothing will come out. If you pump your breast milk and add it to breast milk bags, you will be able to simply warm up that milk and feed your child with it.

Many women prefer pumping to direct breast feeding because they don’t enjoy having their infant latch on while they are out in public, which is understandable, since you don’t want to feel like you’re exposing yourself. Other women are perfectly comfortable breast feeding in public, but even they pump on occasion and add the breast milk to specialized bags in case they run into any problems later on.

How to choose the best breast milk storage bags

A lot of new moms think it’s alright to just add the milk into a Ziploc bag or to put it in a bottle and freeze it for later, but here are 5 reasons why moms should use the best breast milk bags available:

  1. Breast milk bags are made from BPA free plastic, which we all know is great when it comes to putting food in.
  2. They are designed specifically for storing breast milk, unlike a Ziploc bag that is for food (not liquids).
  3. They are bacteria free due to the production and cleaning process prior to packaging. This is a great thing to know when you’re feeding your child.
  4. You can freeze them without worrying about the bag tearing when you begin to defrost the milk, since the bags are much thicker than a Ziploc baggy.
  5. The bags are specially designed to pour out breast milk into a container, hopefully your bottles, whenever you need to.

When you start to look for the best breast milk storage bag, you may get overwhelmed due to the wide selection. Below you will find a few questions you can ask yourself to figure out exactly which type of bag you want to get for yourself and your baby.

How much does the bag hold?
When your child is growing, they will obviously need more food than when they were just born, which means you will need to know how much milk you’re actually storing. You need to keep track of how much breast milk your child is taking in, and to do that easier, you can get a bag type that has a clearly labeled measuring system on it. This way you know exactly how much you’re storing as well as how much your child is drinking.

Are the breast milk bags sterilized?
Breast feeding is a great thing, but if you’re putting your milk in a ziplock bag, you’re just putting your child at risk. Unlike ziplock bags, breast milk bags are usually sterilized for the safety of your child, so they don’t ingest any harmful bacteria due to build up on the bag. Most companies are going the sterilized route, because it helps out the mom and is also a great selling point, so you don’t always have to worry about finding a sterilized bag of your liking.

If you go with a bag that isn’t sterilized, you should probably get a sterilizer just to be safe.

best breast milk storage bags

Are the breast milk bags sealed well?
The best breast milk bags are usually sealed extremely well, so they don’t let anything in prior to you opening them up. One of the easiest ways to figure this out is to look up reviews on your bag of choice and see what people are saying about how well it holds breast milk. If people are saying it has leaking problems, move on to another brand of bag because that’s a clear indicator the bags aren’t sealed well.

Can I put them in the freezer?
When you’re pumping occasionally, you’re going to need to freeze breast milk the majority of the time, so it’s not wasted and dumped down the drain. You’ll need to make sure your best breast milk bag of choice can be freezed without compromising the bag itself. Some bags have been known to crack when frozen and then leak uncontrollably when thawed, wasting the milk that you were going to use for your baby’s next feeding. Make sure the bags say they can be frozen and thawed so you know you’re getting the best for your money.

Can the bags stand on their own?
Not all bags have this feature, and this is more of a preference than a deal breaker, so this part is really up to you. If you breast feed often, we would suggest purchasing bags that stand on their own, so you don’t have to worry about balancing them up against something or holding them the entire time you’re filling a bottle. These bags will have a bottom that expands to sit on your counter, which is how they stand up, and they won’t fall over unless you hit them on accident. They can be opened when you want to use them, and if there is still some left over when you fill the bottle, you can simply set it on the counter and not worry about breast milk getting everywhere since the bag stands on it’s own.


In the end, it’s really up to you in which of the best breast milk bags you decide to go with. Choosing sterile bags that have clear indicators on how much is in the bag as well as sealed well and can be frozen without worry of degrading the seals and making them leak is what you’ll need to focus on. The bags standing on their own is more of a convenient thing, but it’s such a nice thing to have when you’re thawing out a bag or two for a feeding session.


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