How To Choose The Best Manual Breast Pump

how to choose the best manual breast pump

Choosing the best manual breast pump might be more difficult than you think, mainly because of all the brands out there and exactly what they do, but you can make an informed decision on which one to get after you get done reading this. It all starts when you decide if you’re going to breast feed your baby or if you’re going to use formula, if you choose formula that’s great, if you choose breast feeding then you’re definitely going to need a good pump. It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay at home with your baby while it grows up into a child, or you’re going to work full time, you’ll need to pump if you choose to breast feed for many reasons. Not only will you need to pump for the main reason, which is feeding your child, but you’ll also be pumping to relieve pressure within your breasts and also you could be getting sore and might just need a break from feedings. It’s always a good thing to have breast milk in the freezer just in case you’re not going to be home and your child will need to be fed.

What exactly a breast pump is
When a woman is getting close to giving birth, they will begin to produce breast milk, and the primary reason for this is to feed the child. Now, regardless if you choose to breast feed or use formula, it’s probably a good idea to get a breast pump just in case you build up too much pressure within your chest and become uncomfortable.

Now, a breast pump is something that will latch onto the nipple and extract milk from the breast to be used at a later time when you might not be home or your out with your baby and you don’t feel comfortable breast feeding in public. Even if you plan on being with your child 100% of the time, you should still invest in a great manual breast pump for emergencies and special exceptions.

Why you’ll need a breast pump
If you are choosing to breast feed over formula and baby food, you will need to invest in a great breast pump, especially if you plan on going back to work right away or at some point in the near future. Even if you go out for just an hour or two to visit some friends over a cup of coffee or tea, you’ll need to have some breast milk on hand for whoever is watching your child, because they will need to eat when they’re hungry and you won’t be there to provide it. Another reason moms like getting manual breast pumps is because they want to sleep throughout the night while the father takes care of some feedings, and that will require milk to be in the freezer so he can defrost it and feed the child.

A breast pump is also a really good thing to have in case you start to produce too much milk. You will be able to pump and dump, which is just putting the milk down the drain because you simply have too much to feed the child. Also, some babies have problems latching onto your nipple and are actually more comfortable with bottles, and if you’re choosing to breast feed, you’ll need to have milk on hand to feed them with.

best manual breast pump

The difference between manual pumps and electric pumps
When you’re a new parent, you might have a difficult time choosing between a manual breast pump and an electric breast pump. The decision is actually pretty simple if you think about it, if you’re going to be with your baby all of the time, you can get the best manual breast pump on the market and get enough milk for your child. If you plan on going back to work soon after the child is born, you’ll likely want to invest in an electric breast pump that can get the milk out quicker, since you’ll likely have less time to pump for your child.

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Electric breast pumps are nice because you can use 2 at the same time and extract twice as much milk as a manual pump, since a manual pump needs you to use one hand while extracting. If you choose to go with a manual pump, you will be saving a lot of money on the device and it’s much easier to clean as well as transport since it’s much smaller than the bulky electric breast pumps. You can carry about a manual breast pump in your purse or keep it in the center console of your car and no one would know it’s there unless you told them.

What features you should look for on the best manual breast pump
Every company now has their own variation of a manual breast pump, but there are always a few features you need to look for to make everything little movement easier on you, such as:

No slip handle
Handles are going to come in all shapes and designs, but you’ll want to look for one that has rubber covering or at least a little strip of it, to help prevent your hand from slipping while you pump.

Good suction
Many bottles are great at this, if they weren’t they wouldn’t really be in the market for long, but you’ll definitely want to check all the reviews prior to choosing your best manual breast pump. You’ll want the suction cup to stick to the breast just right after you begin to pump, so you don’t lose any milk or get frustrated after 5 minutes of pumping and it seems like nothing is coming out due to the fact you’re just pulling in air.

Bottle holder
This feature gets looked over a lot, since it’s not connected to the actual pump, but you’ll want to look for a holder that you can set the bottle in when it’s attached to the pump. If something comes up, and you’re not done pumping, you’ll have to break down the breast pump and reassemble it later on when you continue. If you have the breast pump stand, you can just insert it and do what you need to without it tipping over.

Secondary handle
This feature isn’t a make or break thing that you need to worry about, mainly because it is only something that you should put on your “requirements” list if you have tiny hands. The secondary handle will help you hold the manual breast pump and squeeze the handle to pull out milk. If you have small hands, you might not be able to get a good grip around the pump and also grab the handle to squeeze it. With the secondary handle, a handle close to the main handle, you will be able to slip a thumb in there and squeeze normally instead of grabbing all the way around the bottle.

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In the end, the best manual breast pump isn’t a difficult purchase to make, but it’s definitely something you should consider getting if you’re about to give birth to a little bundle of joy. Manual breast pumps are a great investment since they’re extremely affordable, easy to clean, and very easy to transport unlike an electric breast pump.


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