How To Choose The Best Nipple Cream

how to choose the best nipple cream

All new moms have gone through the pain and discomfort that comes with breastfeeding and pumping. The child not latching correctly is usually the prime reason of sore nipples, since they are constantly being bitten and they have a wet dry cycle due to feedings. It’s unavoidable if you’re breastfeeding, your nipples will become sore and possibly crack due to the nipple drying out all the time. If the problem isn’t dealt with, it will just get worse with each feeding, and this is why the best nipple cream is a great investment to all moms out there who plan to breast feed or are already doing it.

Choosing the best nipple cream can be a burden sometimes due to all the variations out there. Almost every company that has products for children is putting out a nipple cream, so your choices are wide and varied. While you’re working on getting the best latch, you’ll likely need nipple cream between feedings to help you heal quicker than you would if you just let it go on it’s own. Thinking about yours and your child’s safety is your main priority, and the companies producing nipple creams understand that, so you’re safe with almost all of the major brands of nipple creams out there.

To choose one of the best creams for you, you need to choose based on various things, such as:

Does the nipple cream serve a purpose?
If the nipple cream you have in mind doesn’t sooth the nipple, which it should, you will probably want to move on to your second choice. If the cream doesn’t soothe your nipples, and help you heal at the same time, it’s probably not the best choice for you or your baby because you’ll just be in pain and the cream won’t be doing what you need it to.

How much does it cost?
A more expensive cream tends to come from companies that are more well established, and they don’t sell it for more because of the brand name, they sell it for more because it’s more natural and organic than a lot of it’s competitors. A more organic nipple cream is better for you and your baby because the child can then ingest some of it and be perfectly fine. Of course, you’ll probably clean up prior to feedings, but you never know what remnants could be left over before the child latches on.

What are the ingredients?
It doesn’t matter how much you’re spending or what the brand is, every company is going to claim they have the best nipple cream on the market. But, if you look through the ingredients you can quickly figure out who has the best creams out there. If the cream says “remove before feedings” or anything similar, then you should avoid this cream due to the ingredients likely being harmful if ingested. You’ll likely clean up prior to every feeding anyway, but to be even more safe, try to avoid the creams that specifically tell you to clean prior to feedings.

How easy is it to apply?
If you’re getting the best nipple cream on the market, you would assume that it’s fairly easy to apply, right? Well you’d be surprised as some of the salve and balms on the market that are increasingly difficult to apply, and they shouldn’t be. The cream that is best for you will be something that is easy to apply, meaning it goes on smooth and isn’t sticky, so your healing process can speed up due to less irritation from the application process.

best nipple cream

What does it smell like?
There are a bunch of nipple creams out there, but you’ll want one that is unscented, mainly because babies are extremely sensitive to everything. The scent of a nipple cream can make a baby not want to feed, it could even cause them to feel sick, which you don’t want for your child. The unscented nipple creams are your best bet, since they don’t have a smell and you’re guaranteed that your child won’t get sick from the aroma coming from the cream, since there isn’t one.

In the end, the best nipple cream will be more organic and easy to apply to the nipple itself. You will want to get one that doesn’t have a scent, and it will serve the right purpose, which is help you heal between feedings. If the cream is difficult to apply, it could just irritate your nipples even more than before you went to apply it, which isn’t something you want to be going through. The best nipple creams for moms are out there, you just need to look through the ingredients and make sure the cream is right for you prior to purchasing.


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