How To Choose The Best Wipe Warmer For Babies

how to choose the best wipe warmer for babies

Today there are many options when you’re trying to purchase the best wipe warmer for babies. You could need a wipe warmer with a high capacity or you may prefer one with the best moisture retention, there are many options out there and it can be difficult to pick the right one if you’re not aware of what you can get. Don’t worry, there are many parents just like you who aren’t sure exactly which wipe warmer to get for their babies, and it’s a good thing you’re here because we’ll cover the main things you’ll need to know prior to purchasing the best wipe warmer for babies

There are various brands out there selling basically the same thing, and it can all get confusing since they all claim to be the best. I mean, if they were claiming to be second best they wouldn’t be in business for long since they would be sending their customers directly to their competitors! We’re not going to go over the brands, we’re just going to cover the features that most wipe warmers have, and that should narrow your search down drastically.

So, how do you exactly choose the best wipe warmer for babies? Well here are the main features of wipe warmers to think about.

Bacteria Controlled
When you have a warm and damp area, it usually creates bacteria, and since wipe warmers do exactly this they will then to have bacteria build up if they’re not controlled. Most wipe warmers will tell you to use a certain chemical formula and others will even go as far as to have a UV lighting system within the warmer itself to kill any bacteria build up or prevent it from growing in the first place. There are some other tricky ways to fight bacteria growth within baby wipe warmers, but these are the most common and should be looked over if you’re thinking of purchasing one of these to keep your babies bottom warm while you’re changing, which will happen often.

Heating Methods & Heating Ranges
There are plenty of methods to heat up the baby wipes, and your preference could weed out a lot of brands and types of warmers from your final selection. The heating sources for the wipes could be on the top, bottom, or even on the sides but it depends on the brand and where they placed it in order to heat everything. Top down heating seems to be the best option since it will guarantee to warm the next few wipes you will be using, which also makes it the most popular. Side heating and bottom heating still work well, but it could take longer to head the top few wipes that you’ll be using before you’ll actually want to use them on your baby. The temperature range could also sway your selection because you never want the wipes to be too hot and actually hurt your baby. Remember, they have extremely sensitive skin, so having a wipe warmer that gets hot to our own skin will feel much hotter to a babies bottom.

Wipe Capacity
A bit selling point for wipe warmers is how many wipes the warmer can actually hold at a single time. It’s not a big deal to refill lower capacity warmers with new wipes, but people just seem to like avoiding that step as much as possible so they go for the larger capacity wipe warmers. One of the main reasons you’ll need to focus on what the capacity is, if you’re using a rather large wipe that could take up more space than a normal sized wipe. You might actually need a larger wipe warmer for a smaller amount of wipes compared to other information you’ve read online. So if your wipes quite large, we would recommend going for a larger warmer so you’re on the safe side.

Seals in Moisture
One of the biggest problems you’ll read online when researching the best wipe warmers for babies is that some will let out moisture, making the wipes feel more like dryer sheets, and they won’t feel too good on the skin when used. Look for something that has a moisture guard system included in the wipe warmer in order to ensure you aren’t losing any moisture from the wipes and it’s staying within the unit. If you notice you’re losing some moisture within the wipe warmer, you may need to add a little bit of water in the small basin at the bottom from time to time, and that could get pretty annoying after the first few times.

The Size of the Unit
We’re not talking about how much the warmer can hold, we’re talking about it’s actual size and how much space it takes up on a dresser, changing table, or anywhere else you would think of putting it. Some people prefer a smaller wipe warmer because they just don’t have the room for another large device, while other people have plenty of space and can put a large warmer wherever they want. If space is going to be a problem, you should probably go with a smaller wipe warmer and avoid having to return the larger one because it might not fit where you want to put it.

best baby wipe warmer

In the end, it’s really up to you on which of the best wipe warmer for babies you choose. You can go with a bigger one that takes up more space, or choose a smaller one that might have less capacity. You might not get every feature you want, but you should definitely look for one that fights bacteria and also keeps in the moisture so you don’t have to constantly monitor it. You should think of heating methods and ranges as a secondary feature and everything else should be seen as simply a bonus. So if you can find the best wipe warmer for babies that has a moisture seal along with UV lighting that fights bacteria as well as top down heating with a temperature range that you’re in love with, you’ve hit a home run! Everything else after those initial features should be thought of as add ons or bonus features!


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